There is no exact temperature that is right – it really depends on the type of wax you are using and which body parts you will be waxing. Satin Smooth®, a low melting wax can be used 20 to 30 minutes after turning warmer on at medium heat. Always be sure to test the wax, temperature before starting waxing services to ensure comfortable hair removal and prevent any harm to your customer. Follow the instruction manual included with the Satin Smooth® Wax Warmer.

To test wax temperature, dip a wooden applicator into the wax can. It should have a syrup-like consistency, smooth not lumpy. If wax is runny, it may be too hot to use. Facial skin tends to be a little more sensitive than other body parts, so use wax at a lower temperature than for the rest of the body to ensure comfortable hair removal.

Satin Smooth® carries three professional wax warmers, each designed with various features, styles and pricing. Since you will be offering full body waxing, we suggest the Double Wax Warmer. This state-of-the-art warmer has two independent waxing wells, which hold 14- to 16-oz. wax cans side by side. Temperature can be set to accommodate different body parts: a higher level for large body parts and lower level for sensitive areas such as face and bikini line.

Ask your clients if they are using another form of hair removal such as electrolysis or laser. Ask about chemical peels, Retin-A® use or any type of treatment that may interfere with the waxing service. Take the time to consult with your client. If the customer has never been waxed, it is best to test a small area of skin first to make sure there is no acute sensitivity or allergic reaction to the waxing process. Make sure clients are warned not to expose newly waxed areas directly to the sun for at least 24 hours. To avoid skin appearing darker after waxing, we recommend using Satin Smooth® SATIN HYDRATE®. Lotion to moisturize and condition skin.

Waxing may be painful to your client. To reduce any discomfort, we suggest applying SATIN COOL® Aloe Skin Soother Gel to any newly waxed area.

Moisturizing is an important and rewarding service to provide for your client. Apply SATIN HYDRATE® Skin Nourisher to newly waxed areas to restore natural balance and replenish elasticity on the skin’s surface. Enriched with vitamins, SATIN HYDRATE® leaves skin satiny smooth.

Satin Smooth® waxes are enriched with vitamin E, tea tree oil and aloe vera to treat your client’s specific skin and hair type. The waxes relax the pores, release the follicles and minimize hair breakage, giving your client silky skin and long-lasting results.

Satin Smooth® waxes are made in Italy, where the unique nectar that the bees consume results in the finest beeswax in the world. Each Satin Smooth® wax formulation contains Italian beeswax, natural pine resin and rich emollients.

Satin Smooth® provides an extensive collection of hard and soft waxes that allows you to customize your waxing services based on skin and hair type, and deliver the most effective and comfortable experience to each and every one of your clients.

Dip the applicator stick into the wax:

  • If the wax does not stick to the applicator, it is too hot.
  • If the wax is stringy or lumpy, it is too cold. Wax is at its perfect consistency when it adheres to the stick and is not runny. Satin Smooth® waxes melt at a low temperature, making them comfortable and easy for the technician to control.



• Hair Should be about 1/4 inches long

• Be sure to sanitize your hands as well as your client’s prior to any service.

• Clean the skin with Satin Cleanser® Skin Preparation Cleanser to remove body oil, make-up, dead skin cells, perspiration and bacteria from the skin. Make sure the skin is dry before continuing.



• Apply the wax as far down as necessary, making sure to end wax in a hair free area. Follow the direction of hair growth. Working in a small area, as the hair growth pattern indicates, apply the wax with your applicator. Make sure to allow the wax to cover no more than a two-inch area.

• Pull the strip in the opposite direction, as quickly and as close to the skin as possible.

• Apply FIRM pressure with your hand immediately after each epilation.

• Work in small sections only and repeat procedure for each section. Remember that each change in the direction of hair growth requires a separate application.

• Finish application with Satin Release® Wax Residue Remover.



• To remove waxy residue from the skin after waxing, use Satin Release® Wax Residue Remover.

• Apply Satin Hydrate® Skin Nourisher or Satin Cool® Aloe Vera Skin Soother to soothe the area. They contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, which are naturally soothing and havemoisturizing properties. This will help reduce redness and irritation.

• Other Satin Smooth post epliation products may be used according to skin and service type. Just remember less is best when it comes to stimulation to the skin and amount of product used.



• No hot baths for the reminder of the day, as soaking in hot water can cause skin to become irritated 

• Not tanning bed sessions for up to 48 hours after waxing

• After 48 hours, it is recommended to exfoliate skin to help prevent ingrow hairs

• Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin!

• Important warning for women: Do not schedule your waxing session 3 days before your period since skin tends to be the most sensitive during this time