Satin Smooth is committed to offering the best education possible based on the ever-changing beauty industry. Satin Smooth offers classes on a complete line of European-inspired products that are formulated to meet all waxing needs. The classes are created for the new waxer as well as for seasoned veterans. The Satin Smooth educational program teaches marketing techniques on how to sell waxing services while educating students on the top profit-making service in any salon or spa.
Satin Smooth Tips and Techniques
Business Tips and How-To Techniques to help grow your business.
Demonstration videos and introduction video clips from our collection of tutorial DVDs. (Full-length DVDs are available within Pre-Assembled Kits or as a specially boxed Educational DVD.)

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Satin Smooth classes
Satin Smooth is committed to developing your business opportunities with creative marketing solutions. We strongly encourage our customers to enroll in one of our certified classes to learn the latest waxing techniques and to better understand their growing business.
Discover the beauty of Satin Smooth by visiting us at a tradeshow. Experience a booth atmosphere that is full of energy, product knowledge, education and demonstration. Purchase the latest cutting edge product. Take advantage of our special promotions. Attend a complimentary class and learn how Satin Smooth can build your business. Locate tradeshows in your area.